The evolution of the casino slots machine industry has given game designers many options for creating new types of games. These include video slots, computerized machines, and online gambling. This new environment allows for greater and more frequent player interaction. This change requires game designers to be open to it and develop innovative games. It is crucial to design appealing games that offer players new and exciting options but are not so different that they get bored. In addition, it is important to keep players interested and attracted by the industry’s size. Gambling is a significant contributor to the UK economy. It is estimated to have spent PS8,875 million (0.8% of UK GDP (Gambling Act 2006) and lost PS1.74 billion on slot machine losses (Gaming Board 2004).

A mathematical model is needed to calculate the house edge to ensure that slot machines are profitable. In addition, the optimal strategy for each player must be determined if the player can input data. These models are constructed using Probability, Operational Research, and Stochastic Methods. Programming skills are also essential. Gaming machines could make games interactive and more difficult to model. This is a very skilled job and can only be done professionally.