I have always been fond of amazing voyage stories that my grandpa used to tell me. Some of my favorites are the Treasure Island and the Arthurian stories including the story of king Arthur of Cuba. Sometime I also think of going on trip and leave San Diego and go live aboard. The story and poetry of King Arthur really made me follow his Avalon Island after watching the movie and reading the book.

When I saw the movie I really became diehard fan of it and also carved a tattoo of the island on me and my bike also. One day I was going on a Morning side drive in the direction to Dublin. And met this old friend of mine and when I show him my new tattoo of the island carved on me and my bike. He was so astonished by my obsession and told me about the Avalon 2 slot game and insisted to have a look at it.

Since I have played the first version pretty much I was pretty familiar with the slot but it was few years back and I was waiting for the another version and my friend me this good news that finally the wait is over and it’s all back to tempt the players and gamblers.

When I get online on the very night, firstly I looked for the reviews and ratings of the online machine to get to know about the game a little more before playing it; even I watched some tutorial videos on youtube. And the reviews were pretty amazing seemed like a dream come true. It was the latest Microgaming sequel pokie which is a 243 ways to win game that also offer eight bonus to maximize the chances of winning. I played the game all night long eventually and really enjoyed the theme.