There is nothing better than lying on the couch and watching TV shows with snacks all day long. I tried to find the alternatives but couldn’t find any. Living in the Austin city has a great benefit when you talk about accommodation and watching show on demand.

But still I got bored of television sometimes that when I started playing online casino slots where I can have fun and earn some money at the same time. So I started looking for pokie that could be based on favorite TV shows and luckily I found some. One of them was ben and jerry’s couch potato.

Very first I thought of reading some reviews and go for the tutorial videos on youtube to know the machine better, which came out to be a nice move later. That’s what everyone should consider to perform well while playing especially when you are playing with the real money.

While looking on the internet about the game I found that it is a three reel, single pay line classic video slot, with a wild that can multiply wins 25 times. And when it comes to betting one can bet from 25 cents to 15 dollars, which is really a plus point that is pretty significant in the success of the game. And the game totally goes with theme that most people love doing that is lying on the sofa and switching the channels. I think it’s the best online pokie machine that one of the most popular companies of online casino games microgaming has created.

To play the pokie online or offline you need to find a vendor website and register on it that’s what I also did when I played it for first time and if you want to play it with the real money then you easily buy credits via PayPal. And in my opinion everyone must play with the free spins in the beginning that way you get savvy with the pokie before you play it with the real money. Even I did the same and made some safe money later.